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Good morning, Bratislava

Sunrise in Slovakia
Sunrise in Slovakia’s capital city – Bratislava; view of very traditional panel apartment buildings



















All right, we’re back to Slovakia. We are back to our home… sort of. Without any exaggeration, since we moved to “land of the maple leaf” we consider Canada our second homeland. No confusions in counts, we’ve lived there exactly for one year. Continuously. What an amazing, exciting, adventurous, but most of all enriching year worth every penny it was. We wish this story will be continued…

At the same time and from very deep of our hearts, we feel very committed and grateful to all of you guys, good souls, who guided and helped us during that period of time. Honestly, you’ve made Canada our beloved place!

Our big THANK YOU goes to: Joe & Eva, Latso, Elenka & Jack, Lukas & Aman, Stefan & Irenka, Viola & Jozko, Jean-Marc, Jackson and the rest of Ikonica, Mima & Paul, and to many, many others…