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Hongkong in 24 hours

the farmers

Working as an associated photographer for lifestyle magazines brings me to many various places, unique people and their catching stories. That makes my life definitely richer and more colorful. Recently, I met two positive women, who sacrificed their lives to farming and to beekeeping. Looks like living in fairytale, right? You can hardly imagine, how demanding it can be on daily basis. Believe me, no bed of roses…

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“If you want to preserve the medical attributes of honey, don’t mix it with tea. Suck it instead.” Mrs. Zdenka

IMG_7828 r rszd
“Help is very welcome… Whoever came with attempts to help me with gardening, quit after two or three days. It’s hard to keep up with the pace of work.” Ms. Zuzana

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Simply Architecture

Travelling around the world, either for leisure or business purposes, I always wanna visit the local high-end architecture. Partially, it’s because both my parents are architects, so obviously I grew up surrounded by the latest trends and architectural works. But the main reason lies deeply in my nature, as I admire pure lines, contrast of materials, modernism and unlimited visions and skills of world’s best architects.

Although, as a professional photographer I try to do my best to capture this phenomenon, I’m still far away from what is called “architectural photographer”. Considered to be an easy and steady target for your camera, proper architectural photography is one of the most demanding photography branch. You need to watch the light conditions, reflections, perspective, angle of the camera, use the proper lens, moreover fit the architect’s visions more than you’d expect.

The photos placed in gallery above are just a glimpse of my “architectural photography” gigs I had the privilege to shoot in Canada, United Arab Emirates, Austria or even in my native Slovakia. Feel free to browse through…

Family Road Trip to Austria & Italy