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let’s shoot in the barn while it rains cats and dogs

Banska Bystrica, Slovakia / October 2014

In wedding photography, even if you have a clear vision and thorough plan of what to shoot and where exactly, some unpredictable factors may appear. Like the weather. All of a sudden, all your plans are washed out by the heavy downpour. And you have no other option but to tackle with this situation and to create backup solution, which works obviously as good as the previous one.

That was my case during the wedding day mid October 2014. Due to heavy rain we were forced to cancel almost all locations booked for our photography. So I decided to walk around the bride’s parents house and what a blessing in disguise… I came across the old barn full of corncobs hanging down the beams. You can hardly imagine better stage set for rural style photography. Both sides, me and the newlyweds, immediately took the advantage of genius loci with the only goal – enjoy the place and to get the most of it. Now, you can judge whether we succeeded or not. Also, feel free to leave us some feedback.

A Preview of the Wedding Season 2014

for the moment, the wedding season 2014 is over… or? thanks for your confidence guys and looking forward to meet another unique clients in 2015. hope, it will be you :)

LAGO /  Wedding Season 2014
LAGO / Wedding Season 2014