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Power Coffee “commercial CGI banner”

I always try to keep up with the latest trends, technologies, techniques and of course – commercial client’s demands, which are pushing your skills to the limits or even beyond. Although, being a photographer is a dream job, which allows me to express things through my perception of the world, sometimes my visual dreams are many steps ahead of reality. I can clearly recall the moment, when I saw the paintings of Salvador Dali for a first time. I was so impressed and overwhelmed, I felt like jump right into that world of his fantasy.


Recently, being already recognized as a full-time professional photographer, I came across few visually powerful advertisements and outdoor billboards, that made me really curious and I couldn’t stop asking myself – how did they do it? The answer was hidden in three letter abbreviation – CGI, which stands for Computer-generated Imagery. In terms of photography, CGI means mostly the creative workflow consisting of 3D rendering software (in my case it’s an amazing free software, called Blender) and Photoshop. As a beginner in field of CGI, I was desperately looking for some inspiration. Well, I found it pretty quickly in Radoxist Studio – 3D, CGI & creative retouching production. What a surprise – these skillful guys serving for clients worldwide are based in my hometown Bratislava, Slovakia. Well, hats off Radoxist, you’re doing a stunning job!


So, I also accepted the challenge of 2D and 3D composites, set the goal of being able to create whatever I want at the end. I started from scratch, learning step by step Blender’s UI, modelling objects, texturing them, and so on… I’m still a beginner in terms of what Blender is capable of.

Yesterday, I created a CGI scene including coffee mug, plate with butter, and coffee beans… All right, this excercise was absolutely intentional. I was ask to do so by my friend Dusan Plichta, to support his start-up idea known as Power Coffee. Well, you can find the rendered and Photoshoped image above. If you like it and wanna support my, as well as Dusan’s work, please share or like this post.

Take care and stay tuned for my next works.

Matus / LAGO