Henry Tóth a SĽUK

A week ago, I’ve participated as a photographer on unique musical project of Henry Toth and SLUK. Henry Toth is professional Slovak musician, guitarist and producer. SLUK is very traditional, folklore and professional artistic ensemble. Within this unique musical connection, you could listen to many breathtaking arrangements. Most of them were composed by excellent music composer Stano Paluch. Hopefully, there will be some CD record available soon.

pf 2012

This is the time I would love to say Thank You Very Much for your continuing support, cooperation and put your trust in to me and my work. I truly appreciate the opportunity and pleasure working with you on all of the projects this year brought along. It was very inspirational, motivational experience, which brought not only exceptional results and satisfaction on both sides, moreover whole bunch of great and funny moments spent together.

I am looking forward to cooperate with you again. Well, let me wish you blessed and Merry Christmas, all the best to you, your families and friends… not only in 2012…

Tanec medzi črepinami

Stage photography is my true hobby. Currently I’m cooperating with SĽUK and Slovak actor – dancer -producer Marek Ťapák, capturing the most impressive moments of scenic interpretation of still being prepared and soon premiered movie “Tanec medzi črepinami”. Here you can find some pictures, I’ve made during the first rehearsal.

For additional information about movie follow:

Tanec medzi črepinami, as well as SĽUK stage performance, stay tuned in on official sites.


SantAqua “Outdoor Promotion Campaign”

Two weeks ago, I was requested to participate as a photographer on outdoor promoting campaign for new brand of mineral water – SantAqua. The campaign was based on well known Slovak musical actress Mirka Partlova, highliting the catchword: SantAqua, water full of life. In that way, I was expected to shoot a series of dynamic photos, both outdoor and indoor. During the weekend shooting I was surrounded and accompanied by six beautiful women, so you can image how inspiring it was ;)

My thanks goes to Vierka, Anita, Janka, Lula, Dorka and especially to Mirka!

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Night shot of Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa
Night shot of Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa

Five days ago, I came back from Dubai – United Arabic Emirates, where I spent three weeks as a part of Dubai Shopping Festival 2011staff. First of all, my thanks for this opportunity belongs to CMart Worldwide, especially  for confidence and all-inclusive services. Guys, I really appreciate it!

During that time, working both as event manager and event photographer, I had many possibilities to visit the most spectacular places, experience various situations and meet interesting people I had to deal with. Let me share some pics with you. You know, I’m absolutely sure, my photos can express much more than my words…